Helping Your Business Thrive & Grow

Marketing can mean different things to different people and that makes it hard to know what exactly it is… and what you should be doing. Maybe you’ve wasted more money trying to “go it alone” than what you would have invested in a trusted marketing partner. Or, you’ve never quite gotten around to developing and implementing a solid marketing plan, meaning many missed opportunities. 

MarketSpark takes the mystery out of marketing to move your business forward. We are transparent in our approach. We are accessible and provide clear reports on our efforts. For over 13 years, from our headquarters in Loudoun County, Virginia, we have connected great businesses to their ideal clients, including medical/dental, services/trades and professional services. We are passionate about our work and think about each business as if it were our own.

MarketSpark sets the bar high for ourselves; we expect a great deal from our work because we know you do. You are trusting us with your money and the future of your business; we value the investment our clients place in us.

This level of confidence from our clients allows  us to offer our services with NO CONTRACTS or COMMITMENTS from you. 

Our Commitment to You

Growing your business by implementing proven digital marketing strategies to uniquely and effectively communicate your message to the right target. 

Making this easy for you. Yes; consider it handled – so you can handle your business. 

Our Leadership

Michael J. Dowling

Michael J. Dowling - Director of Digital Strategy

Mike is a problem solver. He loves getting the most out of digital platforms. He strives to get our clients the most value for their marketing budget. Before he gets on board with the next “latest and greatest”, he carefully vets options. Being a natural skeptic works in the favor of our clients; by the time it passes the “Mike test”, you can rest assured it’s a good investment. Mike’s analytical approach ensures that marketing strategies are well-thought out from start to finish. He especially considers how your clients think and how they will see and respond to your brand messages.

Tammy Swankowski

Tammy Swankowski - Director of Client Success  

For Tammy, business is all about relationships. Hearing your stories, your challenges and where you want to go (and grow!) with your business makes her a great partner in your success. Previous work with a variety of clients in retail, newspaper and radio has provided Tammy many real-world experiences on which to draw. Tammy enjoys returning to her alma mater, The University of Virginia, whenever she is able, especially on football weekends. She and her husband also love to ski, bike and golf.