Bala Women’s Health Relaunch

MarketSpark recently helped Bala Women’s Health redesign and launch their new website. The OB/GYN practice located in Bala Cynwyd, PA needed a modernization makeover. MarketSpark developed a new logo & color palette and used it to develop their new site. Bala Women’s Health is a passionate group of medical professionals dedicated to caring for women […]

Yelp Reviews – Digital Bathroom Graffiti

Yelp has built a brand that gives the impression of fairness and authenticity without actually delivering either. Their reviews are no better than bathroom graffiti. How do you know when a company is circling the drain? When its salespeople can’t explain what they are selling or give a legitimate defense of the product. Based on […]

Dealing with Print Advertising “Opportunities”

If you own or are responsible for marketing a business then it’s very likely that you have been on the receiving end of a few calls and/or emails informing you of the incredible opportunity that is waiting if you choose to advertise in a local paper or periodical. These organizations routinely slash their rate cards […]

When ‘More’ Means Less in UI Design

Familiarity breeds contempt as the old saying goes, and as software applications get embedded in our daily routines they become quite familiar, but the unacknowledged contempt we have for these tools can rush to the surface when they are “improved” through an unwelcomed software update. So when we, as a company finally decided to catch […]

What Can a Good Fishing Hole Do for Your Business?

It’s not about baiting customers, it’s about solving their problems. Understanding what your customers are looking for is the key to modern marketing. It’s no longer about interrupting them with advertisements but is instead about attracting them with solutions to their problems. By developing content that your customers want you can bring them onto the […]