Frequent Marketing questions

Our approach makes it simple for businesses to market but there are always questions.

Yes, we build professional WordPress websites made for business marketing. However we only work with businesses who are using, at minimum, our Fundamental Marketing Program. We invest a lot of time and energy to understand your business and we have to be committed to a relationship to justify it.

You are singing our song. Our strength is robust marketing campaigns. We created the Fundamental Marketing Program because it represents marketing that every business should be engaged in, at a minimum. There’s a lot more we can do to supercharge business. Contact us for a free marketing discovery meeting to talk about a custom plan to meet your specific needs.

Absolutely!  However, most of our clients engage us because their time is better spent handling what they do best. If you want to stay involved, especially when it comes to social media, it’s designed for you to contribute and we encourage you to do so. We also make sure you have clear ownership of all your online accounts and have full access to them. Owner input is a great way for your clients see more of what makes yours a great business. But, our strategies don’t rely on you doing this to succeed. 

There are no long term contracts. Also, everything we have done during your time with us remains your property. Should you choose to terminate our services, all accounts are turned over to you.