DDSmatch Marketing Proposal

Thank you for the opportunity to present this marketing proposal.

The strategies we recommend are detailed below. Based on our meeting and what has worked for you in the past, we feel this is a solid starting point and in line with your current budget. As we move along, we may make other recommendations or suggest shifting funds based on your goals and needs.

This proposal reflects monthly services. We will bill separately for website work, such as adding new practice pages/pdfs to the website. We are not able to determine a regular interval for that in order to add it to our subscription based model.

We do not require a commitment but we do request 30 days notice if you wish to pause services.

With our system, all charges are paid in one monthly payment to MarketSpark. You will not incur other charges from Google, etc on your credit card.

We are excited about the potential to work with you to help grow DDSmatch.

Monthly Subscription Total:

$2,000.00 / month

Services included in your subscription:

Local SEO

Our Local SEO strategy improves your website search performance. Google prioritizes its own properties (paid search, map listings, questions/answers) in organic search results, making it challenging to gain visibility. Our Local SEO strategy addresses this by optimizing your website, primary citations, and brand stack, which includes Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business), Facebook, and Bing Places. This enhances your chances of reaching potential customers as they search for core keywords related to your business, driving organic traffic to appear in Google search results and local map listings.

Setup and optimization of social media properties is also included.

Our on-page website efforts include crawling, customizing titles/descriptions, installing SEO plugins, setting up Schema for consistent Google crawling, and ongoing monitoring with content adjustments to take advantage of opportunities. 

Local SEO is based on your service area or location. A separate subscription is required for each location.

$300.00 / month

Review Generation

A simple and effective system we set up and run to generate, monitor, and share your customer reviews to grow your business reputation and performance in search. Make your happy customers work for you.

$150.00 / month

Content Marketing

Content Marketing is a powerful way to demonstrate authority and drive qualified traffic to your website. We create article outlines, write the articles, post them to your site then push them into social media throughout the month in a drip campaign.

$550.00 / month

Google Ads Paid Search Campaign - Starter

Get in front of customers when they’re searching for businesses like yours on Google Search and Maps. Only pay for results, like clicks to your website or calls to your business. Our price includes a monthly spend that goes directly to Google so you get one bill. No hassles, all results. Our Starter Search Campaign includes a $500 spend to Google.

$1,000.00 / month