Facebook/Instagram Ad Campaign – Leads (expanded budget)

$1,500.00 / month

Leverage Facebook’s audience to generate new leads and convert customers. We create targeted monthly campaigns with well-produced creatives to drive leads to your business.
• Custom monthly campaign messaging
• Custom Ad Sets
• Targeted custom audience
• Price includes a $1000 monthly spend to Facebook



Our Lead Generation Facebook /Instagram Campaigns begin with messaging. We develop concise messages that focus on the product or service. We then develop all the graphic elements necessary for up to 3 different versions of the ad. Once in the system, we assemble an audience that focuses on your geographic area and demographics that target your best potential customers. Once it’s all launched ads will appear on Facebook, Instagram, in Facebook Marketplace, as well as In-article Feeds and other locations. As the campaigns run impressions, clicks and conversions are tracked to tweak performance.