A Great Website

Is The Foundation

of your Marketing Marketing

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Is your website working for your business?

You can't market effectively without a website built for business.

  • Is the messaging clear?
  • Do consumers know why you are their best choice?
  • Are form submissions making it through to you?
  • Is your site secure?
  • Is it up to date for performance and security?
Your website needs to look great and complement your brand, but first and foremost, it must do the heavy lifting to get people to connect with you as customers.  We have built hundreds of business-ready sites, and our approach is always marketing first. We can assess your site and provide recommendations for improvement. We may suggest a new site that we can build into your marketing subscription. It defers the cost and makes sure you get the most out of your marketing efforts.

Please Note: Our website design and hosting services are only offered in conjunction with ongoing marketing.

Let's make your website work for you

Frequent Questions

Yes. In fact we only build WordPress websites. WordPress is an open source (non-propriety) content management system that powers more than 30% of the web. It is a great platform for business websites because it is flexible and easy to use.

Typically we allow for six to eight weeks, but the pace is usually set by each client. Our approach keeps you minimally involved but not overburdened.  We do require your feedback and your timely response helps reach completion.  

It is imperative that your site be maintained and updated to keep it performing optimally and secure. We provide on-going support/security/functionality updates and web hosting for most of the sites we develop. We typically include it in a monthly hosting and maintenance fee that can be added to your subscription.

Many factors impact the price of a website but our experience has led us to develop tiered pricing that typically covers most local business sites. These break down to $3000.00, $4500.00, and $6000.00, depending on your unique needs. Our sites are turnkey, including images, content writing, and on-page SEO mark-up. 

Each site includes “best practices”  SEO markup to get you launched, plus we work to get your site crawled by search engines.