Terms and Conditions

By accepting MarketSpark’s proposal/contract for digital marketing services, you acknowledge that you accept the following terms and conditions. 

Payment Your initial payment is for the first month of services. Future payments will be made monthly, as noted on my agreement. Payment occurs in advance of services being rendered. 

Termination Cancellation of services/contract may be made at any time. In such an event, no future payments will be required. Please note that no funds will be refunded for the remainder of the month for which you already paid; services will not be prorated. 

Ad accounts (Google Ads & Facebook) created by MarketSpark that are used for client advertising services and the assets therein remain with MarketSpark and are not transferable to the client.

Non-payment results in immediate suspension of services. All payments are automated,  based on the payment information in your account. Payments are made in advance of services being rendered. Should your method of payment need updating in order to be valid, you will receive a notification via email, asking that you access your account and update your payment information. If payment is not updated, services will be suspended until such time the payment is updated.